About Muzammil Iqbal


Muzammil Iqbal is working as a Postdoc researcher at Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials. He has obtained his master's degrees in both Physics and Nanotechnology. Combining these backgrounds, Muzammil got Ph.D. in Materials Physics and Chemistry (2018). Through his Ph. D. and Master, Muzammil has a passional research background in the branch of non-equilibrium plasma science and technology including atmospheric pressure gas phase plasmas, plasma-liquid interactions, low pressure inductively coupled plasmas. Able to handle a multidisciplinary project applying technical expertise in plasma reactor design, plasma treatment, plasma diagnostics, plasma agriculture, and plasma catalysis. Skilled in UV-Vis spectrophotometer, optical emission spectroscopy (OES), FTIR, mass spectroscopy, Ion chromatography, SEM, XPS, XRD.