Invited Talk at 75th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference; Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan

Invited Talk at GEC 2022 October 3–7, 2022; Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan 

Plasma assisted green ammonia production from water and nitrogen at atmospheric pressure

Increasing fossil-free global energy demands have motivated the scientific community to investigate new clean and sustainable techniques that can meet global energy demands. The production of green and sustainable fuel, such as ammonia (NH3), from base molecules like water and nitrogen using electricity from renewable sources shows great potential to solve energy issues. Non-thermal plasma-based NH3 synthesis has great potential for carbon-free fertilizer production powered by renewable electricity. We developed a non-thermal plasma couple with a catalyst for a higher ammonia production rate. The studied plasma technique offers ~0.84 % NH3 concentration with ~95 % selectivity and a 120 µmol/s production rate by integrating a catalytic reduction system with plasma. Compared with previous studies on NH3 synthesis from N2, the remarkable NH3 yield (300–400-fold higher). These promising results provide a breakthrough in the transition toward sustainable and environmentally friendly NH3 production.

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